How Thomas Meano And His Wife First Met

A love cultivated amidst the beautiful backdrop of the Swiss Alps, actually began when Thomas Meano was on the mission field at the Vineyard Church in Mission Viejo. This is where he first met his wife Kathrin, of eight years now. Thomas Meano regards the importance of missionary work and supports efforts made by fellow Christians to evangelize in this capacity. He and his wife not only share a great ambition to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world, but also day-to-day interests such as movies, arts and crafts, reading, and cooking, the simple tasks that make up the average life.

Soon after Thomas Meano and his wife met, she had to return to her native home of Switzerland. Over the next several months they continued to correspond through email until Thomas Meano finally made the decision to fly to visit her in her home town. Once he had arrived, Kathrin graciously let him stay in her apartment while she stayed at her sister's home.

Thomas Meano and his wife's first date took place in Paris, and in 2003, after almost a year of dating they were married in her hometown church located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. This church was built over 500 years ago. Although Thomas Meano enjoys traveling, after spending the first year of their marriage commuting a great distance while he processed her spouse visa, they were quite relieved to be able to move Kathrin to the United States in 2004. This is where they presently reside.

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